The LITIS Laboratory (Laboratoire d’Informatique, du Traitement de l’Information et des Systèmes) is a research establishment with experience in Computer Science and Technology, located in the Upper Normandy, France. The laboratory develops coherent approaches to better understand and control the nature of the information and its contextual use. The research focuses on both the theoretical and algorithmic aspects of the implementation, varying from context-aware systems to sensors and databases. The “LITIS approach” is resolutely multidisciplinary, involving practitioners and theorists at the junction of computing, pattern recognition, signal and image processing and mathematics, being partners in many projects.

For the NARECA project, LITIS is involved in the coordination and several research themes.

Contact person: Alexandre Pauchet, NARECA Project Manager



The Laboratory GREYC is a UMR research unit placed under the joint responsibility of CNRS/University of Caen Basse-Normandie and ENSICAEN.  It is a laboratory of over 220 membres which covers all research and academic skills in the field of computer science, electronic and electrical engineering in Basse-Normandie. The research themes developed in the laboratory focus on both fundamental and methodological aspects – models, new concepts – as well as practical achievements: application development and software platforms, design and production of electronic devices, etc. The areas of expertise of the GREYC are: modeling and analysis of algorithms, information security, decision support and data mining, image and signal processing and analysis, human language and document technologies, identification and control, microelectronics, instrumentation and sensors.

For the NARECA project, GREYC is involved as a research partner.

Contact person: François Rioult, local manager



The Computer Science Laboratory for Mechanics and Engineering Sciences (LIMSI) is a CNRS laboratory (UPR 3251) associated with UPMC and Paris-Sud Universities. The laboratory accommodates approximately 120 permanent personnel (researchers, professors and assistant professors, engineers, technicians) and about sixty PhD candidates. It undertakes multidisciplinary research in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication. The research fields cover a wide disciplinary spectrum from thermodynamics to cognition, encompassing fluid mechanics, energetics, acoustics and voice synthesis, spoken language and text processing, vision, virtual reality…

For the NARECA project, LIMSI is involved as a research partner.

Contact person: Jean-Claude Martin, local manager



The Laboratory of Psychology and Neuroscience of Cognition and Affect (PSY-NCA) conducts its operations in the psychological dysfunctions considered as a cognitive dimension, emotional and social in children and adults. The fields of application concerns the evaluation, diagnosis, didactics. They cover societal demands in education, health and work with recognized skills for situations created by disabilities.

For the NARECA project, Psy-NCA is involved as a research partner.

Contact person: Emilie Chanoni, local manager

Website is a software publisher dedicated to developing conversational technologies, integrated as web services, smartphone or tablet apps. These technologies provide the users the ability to carry out a conversation with the software in a natural and intelligent way, rather than using the current  human-computer interfaces.

For the NARECA project, is involved as an industrial partner.

Contact person: Norbert Benamou, local manager